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Super Pacing Horse


Perfection, you catch glimpses of it in sports – a golfer scoring a hole-in-one, a pitcher tossing a perfect game or a goalie shutting out the opposition in hockey.


Whether it is the competitiveness of a Michael Jordan, the focus of Tiger Woods or the creativity of a Wayne Gretzky – sport is drama and when players or competitors of this ilk are involved it is usually exciting and often breathtaking.


Niatross possessed the above-mentioned traits which complemented his charisma, grace and class – Niatross was perfection in a racehorse.


Niatross thrilled harness racing fans as he stormed across North America in 1979 and 1980 smashing World, Stakes and Track Records wherever he ventured and leaving a legacy in our sport which has not been approached since.


These pages are my tribute to that legacy.